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German Capital Region

Welcome to Berlin-Brandenburg!

Berlin and its ambient economic region make up the German Capital Region. With an area of 30,000 square kilometres, this region is as large as Belgium, while its population of six million is greater than that of Denmark, Norway or Finland.

At the Crossroads of International Routes

Berlin-Brandenburg is located between the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe and the business centres of Western Europe. The German Capital Region lies midway between Warsaw and Amsterdam, Paris and Minsk.

Important trans-European routes crisscross the region, including Paris–Warsaw–Moscow and Stockholm–Prague–Vienna. All the major European markets are within a day by road transport from the German Capital Region.

Berlin-Brandenburg business region

Berlin-Brandenburg business region
  • Regional growth area

Strategic Economic Policy: “Strong for the Future – Joining Forces”

A powerful component of the German Capital Region, Brandenburg concentrates its business support resources on jobs and economic growth. The state government has developed a strategic economic policy, titled “Strong for the Future – Joining Forces”, that focuses on supporting SMEs, reinforcing companies’ innovative capabilities, and expanding the region’s industrial base. The implementation of this strategy is aimed at increasing Brandenburg’s assets as a business location with a high quality of life.

Fast Connections in All Directions

Brandenburg’s infrastructure has been rebuilt to the highest standards since German reunification. Each of Brandenburg’s business centres offers particular advantages, while the motorway ring guarantees fast connections to Berlin. The new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) will also be within quick and easy reach from everywhere in the region.

A Location for Research and Development

No other region in Germany boasts the concentration of R&D facilities found in Berlin-Brandenburg. In the German Capital Region, fifty-two universities and nearly 200 public and private research institutes employ some 50,000 scientists, ensuring a wealth of cooperation opportunities.

A Quality Living Environment

Brandenburg is not just a good place to work, but also a good place to live. And no wonder – the region speaks for itself: a clean environment with plenty of green spaces, Europe’s largest river and lake landscape, a rich cultural heritage, and leisure opportunities to fulfil every heart’s desire. Whether your dream is to live on a lakeshore, in the country, or in a historic atmosphere, you can make it come true in Brandenburg – and Berlin, the bustling metropolis, is at your doorstep.